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Yesterday was Halloween. I remember being young and loving to get dressed up moderately to go get candy. Nowadays, I sit around the house and hand stuff out. Before the day even came this year I envisioned myself getting dressed up for some event. It'd be nice to get dressed up again. I was thinking "vampire" and then realized I'm not pretty enough. So what's a non-pretty vampire? DEATH! I like Death, and I think given the proper attire and make up I could do it well. I've got the skull shaped face going on.
The kids this year were nice for the most part. I'm glad parents are still teaching their children manners, because I greatly respect kids when they say thank you. Had I known I'd have so much extra candy left over I would have given the thankful ones extra. Cute costumes this year, nice kids playing the parts of their costumes sometimes. And me wishing I was young again to go get candy. Not bad though, just wish I could still get five pounds of candy I'd never eat, again.
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