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I have been meaning to update for awhile, I suppose. Here goes: Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France. Go Lance, I'm glad he was able to win his last effort and retire on a high note. I like how he's taking the initiative to be responsible for his children, so I fully support his decision to retire to spend more time with them.
On a sad note, my favorite sandwich place shut down last week. Louie K's in Tyrone Square closed its doors on Saturday, July 23rd. I learned that they were closing on the previous Friday, because thankfully I went to the mall that day. I'd been eating there for about four years, and pretty much loved everything I ever got. It was by far my favorite place to eat in the mall, and I'm really sorry to see it go. Turns out the mall was raising their rent, and the new terms of the lease were going to prevent them from remodeling the way they would have liked to. Seriously, I was just about in tears about the place closing. Best rueben sandwiches anywhere.
Other news...hmm...I just got back in from a bike ride. The heat outside is murder. I don't know how the pro cyclists put up with it for like 4 hours a day, at 30 mph. I literally almost killed myself a couple days back riding hard, I think I was about ready to just die from over exertion, but it felt strangely good.
Alright, I think that's about it, I'll update down the road.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Ryan.
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