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This is worth updating about...

This will be long, but coming from me this should be interesting/entertaining.
I finished my midterm exam in my Wednesday class, met with my group afterward, and then met up with Mikey who is in my class. He had been partying in Tampa with a bunch of Irish guys in town to see U2 and these Trinidad soccer fans. Mikey was like 15 minutes late to the exam...fortunately somebody called him to give him the heads up about the exam. Anyway, we went to the Tavern, on campus, because I wanted to get something to eat and listen to the live music. Mikey wanted to go back to hell with that. So I got a Guinness, a Bud, then I was actually hungry enough to get a sandwich and a pitcher of Newcastle to split with Mikey. We talked with various people, this girl we know showed up an she was having relationship troubles, she ended up leaving shortly before the place closed around midnight. This intriguing girl was playing a fiddle and singing, I had never seen her at the Tavern before. One of those "I wonder what she's like" people. So after the place closes, Mikey and I were by the fiddler girl and her friends, and they're suddenly asking us if we want to go out for drinks...her, her female friend, and this gay guy. Sure, drinks, why not...
So Mikey's car was right by the Tavern, mine was like a half mile away closer to the building where the exam was. So I get in Mikey's car and we tool over to this girl's apartment. Nice place, like two blocks from Baywalk. Built in like 1920...twelve foot ceilings, wood floors from the 20's, oh the stories that place could tell. So we all shoot the shit there for a little bit, and it turns out fiddler girl works the Renaissance Festival and loves the Rat Catcher. Go figure, because I pretty well have that man's show memorized. After awhile we hobbled over to The Garden, which is this pleasant bar with an outdoor sitting area. Mikey was pretty well ready to leave, but we ended up staying around for awhile, talking. Evidently I look like this drummer they all know, to them I look exactly like him. I'd wondered who was masquerading as me, because I get that "do I know you" crap a couple times a year. After the bar kicked everybody out we ended up going back to that girl's apartment. Go figure, fiddler girl goes to sleep, the gay guy, who was nice to talk to, leaves, and so does this other guy who was with us. Then, it's Mikey, this girl, and me alone for like three hours. Shit, I should have driven myself. Not a bad time, but I didn't get out of there until 5 am or so. I was bloody stranded by Mikey's flirting and drunkardness.
Ah well, interesting time. Nice to meet new people.
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