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Well, what's going on...My uncle doesn't think his house flooded, or sustained any damage really. His boats are still on the side of his house and none of the trees in his area look to have fallen down.
Other news, my final semester, perhaps, at USF has begun. Off to the usual start, with some twists. I'm socializing more with everybody...and I even attended a Student Business Organization meeting yesterday. I might try to keep up on that, build some networks.
My most interesting class is my Statistical Analysis of Animal habits class. For the first two weeks I was to chart ant tunnels as they dug through sand in little clear medicine bottles. Well, I started out with two ants. Then the smaller one died. Then I got another. Then it died. Then I got a third, and tonight. died. But I think the project is going rather well. I've been in touch with the Professor and she seems to like having my input on things.
Well, other news. Sunday I should be biking through downtown St. Pete with Rich and his brother in law. That should be fun, since it's police escorted. I'll be sure to mention something about that, remind me if I forget.
And...finally, I guess. I'm on the fifth Harry Potter book. I read the sixth one first, so this is the last one for me. Good books, I'm sorry I was so close-minded about them until they...ooh, almost ruined the sixth book for you! Well, anyway, what kept me close-minded about them was the fact that everybody owned a copy, and nobody seemed to read them. This screamed "stupid fad" to me and I didn't want to be a part of it.
Take care online world, maybe I'll see you in the real world.
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