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I had a good weekend. I went up Orlando on Friday to visit with Michelle, and stayed until Sunday evening. Well, I still don't really like Orlando. And I think I'm through eating pulled pork for awhile, the last two times from two different restaraunts has torn me up. But really, I had a good time in Orlando. We hung out with Rich Friday and Saturday evening, that was good fun. Fun fun fun. The only thing that could be more fun would be if Michelle hadn't left to go to college there; though it makes me appreciate her and my feelings for her more.
Ah, other news. My Uncle and Aunt live in New Orleans. They were talking about coming down here, then decided not to...then thought about staying around 5 pm yesterday, and around 7 pm yesterday they decided to leave. Crazy hurricane is going to destroy everything. Quite amazing really, the power of that mother...nature. Well, the interstates heading east were closed, so my aunt and uncle packed up some stuff, and five of their seven cats and took off for Memphis, Tennessee. Two cats ran off, and well, they must like rain because they'll be getting a lot of that along with 160 mph winds. 190 mph gusts. I can't imagine driving my house down the highway at 160 mph and having the windows and roof staying on...I think this might be the most destructive storm to hit the U.S., and it doesn't help that my Uncle is at about 11 feet above sea level and the storm surge is supposed to be around 25 feet in some places.
I really wish the best of luck, and my prayers go out to those who are going to be dealing with the storm. It's going to affect everybody.
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