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Last night was Laurie's birthday dinner. I guess that's what it was given that her birthday was today. We went to Bahama Breeze, and it was my best trip there thus far. They didn't have the Trinidid Chicken so I got the Jamaican Grilled Chicken Breasts, which were excellent. Everything about the meal was great. I can understand why Laurie and Brienne keep me around, because every so often I make an idiot of myself and then they get a laugh out of me. I don't mind, I rather enjoy making other people laugh.
Well, as always conversation was fun and enlightening. After dinner I play a game of Monopoly with Laurie, and managed to lose. I made a deal for Mediterranean Avenue, and gave her Illinois Avenue for it I think. Well, she managed to get money and build hotels on the properties anyway. I was aghast. But it was a good time, and I'm sure it was a good start for Laurie's birthday to win Monopoly.
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