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Chicken and more, fish and more

The last couple days have been enjoyable. Rich's graduation was Saturday. I went up there Friday with Michelle, because I didn't want to drive up at 5 am for the 8 am graduation. We all went out to dinner, and tried to get to sleep around midnight or it would turn out, we were waking up at like 5:30. Michelle and I never really got to sleep, and upon her alarm going off she had just fallen asleep. After getting cleaned up we went to the basketball stadium for the graduation. Some jack off wanted to make himself feel special by telling me I couldn't reserve seats. I told him I got there early, asked where he was that kept him from being there before me, and told him I had no reason to move. He said he was going to get an usher. Mikey was there, and he told the guy to bring him back a box of tissues on the way back. About five minutes later the usher actually comes over, "I'm sorry, but you can't reserve seats (he seemed a little uncomfortable looking at me for some reason) I can give you three minutes for the rest of your party to show up". Well, three minutes passed, and lo and behold, they wanted their five seats. So I scooted over two seats, thus rendering any chance of them sitting together impossible. Sure, they got their seats, but I didn't let them sit together. Bwa ha ha.
I was dog tired, however tired dogs are. By the time we got back to Rich's apartment I was ready to go to sleep. But there was lunch at Margaritaville to be had. I elected to drive Michelle and myself there, thus getting us like 15 miles closer to home. Lunch was nice, I got to talk with Ryan a little bit. But before the food made it out, I was dozing off. Zzzz. I perked up enough to slowly eat my chicken caesar salad and then say my goodbyes.
The drive back was arduous. I was falling asleep, and it was like 4 pm. Michelle was already I just turned on the radio and made feeble attempts to memorize/repeat lyrics to the the songs.
Long story short, I didn't crash, made it home, and fell asleep shortly thereafter for 3 hours, woke up and ate dinner, then went back to sleep.
I bought the Discovery Channel cycling outfit today. The original style grew on me, and perhaps I'll look in to getting another outfit somewhere down the line.
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